Maheshwari, Centre Founder & Course Leader (Jane)

My given name is Jane and my spiritual name is Maheshwari. I’ve been teaching yoga for over 20 years in a variety of environments, including a school for the disabled, drug rehabilitation centres and in prisons. I have been very much influenced by the teachings of Swami Nishchalananda and other incredible teachers at Mandala Yoga Ashram, and have been attending courses there since 1994.

I completed a two year British Wheel of Yoga teaching course in 1994 and went on to do the Mandala Yoga Ashram teacher training finishing in 2000. I continue to go to the Ashram regularly and the last course I went on was a one year chakra course.


Natya Rupa, Course Facilitator


Considered at best average and at worst a ‘failure’ in her early educational life Natya suffered for many years with undiagnosed, untreated epilepsy.  The effects of this were to be felt through-out many subsequent years of her life affecting her confidence and self-esteem and resulting in leading a life  of ‘limitation’ restricted by anxiety.  However, Natya believes passionately in the capacity for Transformation.

First discovering  Yoga in 2004 while living in South Wales, over the next few years Yoga revolutionised her life.  As such Yoga has become more than a hobby or a job but a life’s work. For Natya, Yoga is not only about what you do on the mat but how you live your life off it.  It was her first Yoga teacher who introduced her to Mandala Yoga Ashram which has been her Spiritual home for over ten years now. It is here that she studied for her Yoga teaching qualification and has gone on to attend countless courses at the Ashram some lengthy year-long submersions into subjects such as Meditation and the Chakras, some shorter but no less influential courses on topics like pranayama, mudras the bandhas and many more.

Dancing has played a very significant role in Natya’s life.  During her younger years, despite the effects of her undiagnosed condition, she took herself regularly and consistently to dance classes for several years . Training in Ballroom and Latin Dance.  Nowadays, Natya regularly dances & teaches Salsa and Bachata but basically enjoys any form of movement to music.

Natya has found great inspiration in studying the work of Brene Brown on the subjects of Shame & Vulnerablility and has undertaken many of her workshops in order to more fully integrate these concepts into how she sees herself in the world. Another equally profound influence on Natya’s journey has been the work of Lisa Sonora Beam.  An American artist and creative business consultant, she teaches experiential workshops that tap into the healing and transformative powers of creative self-expression.  Again, Natya has enjoyed many of her on-line workshops, studying the techniques and philosophy of her work and was incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to travel out to Mexico earlier this year to work with her in person at her art studio in Oaxaca, taking part in her workshop ‘Creative pathways to your Purpose and power’.  During 2018 Natya is undertaking facilitator training with Lisa Sonora.

Natya now finds herself offering a style of working which offers a fusion of these techniques, practices and philosophies which have proved so influential in her own life,  Yoga, Meditation, the power of Vulnerabilty,  Creativity and Dance.   All of these tools are a practice to move us towards Integration, Connection and Healing.  We practice in order to allow the process to evolve and our energy to flow.  She has recently begun offering workshops combining yoga, creativity and dance, around the country

Natya also currently runs regular Hatha Yoga classes as well as dance workshops and 1-1 guidance in Matlock Derbyshire where she currently lives.


Poornam, Centre Yoga Teacher

Poornam attended her first yoga class in the West of Ireland. She recalls that walking home that evening she knew she had bumped into something that could inform the way she lived the rest of her life.

She moved to London in 1989 to study at the Satyananda Yoga Centre. Over time the practices supported her to develop deep listening, self-compassion, awareness and a knowledge of body mind.

On returning to the UK she co-founded the PadmaSambhava yoga centre in Wales, while integrating yogic principles into her everyday life.

She taught a wide spectrum of yoga and meditation practices for 15 years, while returning to the Bihar school of yoga in India most winters to study with a wide circle of international teachers.

She has worked as a Montessori teacher over two decades, and introduced yoga to many children as a tool to handle and channel strong emotional energy.

She particularly loves working with the energy body and sound.

She has also taught yoga for 15 years in a mental health day centre and for the Stroke Association.

She has been living in Devon since 2014 teaching weekly classes, workshops and courses in Ashburton, Exeter, Wales and London plus one-to-one classes, private retreats and mentoring.

Peter Bligh, Centre Yoga Teacher

After many years of living, learning and teaching in yoga ashrams and Buddhist centres in the UK, Greece, and India, Peter returned to New Zealand where he now lives, practices and teaches yoga and meditation.

Trained in the Bihar School of Yoga tradition and many years at Mandala Yoga Ashram gives peter a broad and practical knowledge of yoga and its application in daily life.

During the past 9 years he has also spent part of the year touring Europe, at the invitation of other teachers and yoga centres, co-teaching programmes that are suitable for anyone with an interest in yoga and meditation.

Peter is known for his ability to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where students can learn and develop personal practices that can significantly improve their own sense of well-being.

His clear and direct style, delivered with gentle humour and related anecdotes, make his programmes a genuinely unique experience – enjoyable, stimulating, highly informative and personally beneficial.

“Yoga and Meditation is for every one, every body and every mind.”

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