Launching the Bindu Loo!

We’re very excited to launch our fabulous new composting toilet available to all Bindu Yoga Centre users. The ‘Wee Hoose‘ is clean, functional, and friendly to the environment.

“Every year the average person flushes up to 50,000 litres of good clean drinking water per year down the toilet whilst people are dying of thirst in the same world.”

The loo is completely self-sufficient and green, perfect for our environmentally conscientious guests!

I think compost toilets are the future. The Wee Hoose Compost Toilet is a creative, mindful, and green solution to a worldwide problem. Inventions like the Wee Hoose Compost Toilet is the hug the world needs. I believe we should all try to live more in accord with nature and not against it, and the Wee Hoose provides a means to do this.

(Inventor of the Wee Hoose, Scott Craig)

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